Dry stone walling is an ancient technique that was used to build new structures even from prehistoric times. And surprisingly this is a technique that has stood the test of time. This technique has undergone only very minor changes over the thousands of years, but the basic concept has remained the same.

In modern times, the demand for dry stone walling has been increasing and learning the proper way for stone masonry would be a really rewarding job in the future. Even if there are lots of online sites that claim to teach their students the actual art of stone walling, only a few institutes will be able to teach you the proper way. So here are few tips to select a good training website.

Find out More About the Trainers Skill Level  

The easiest way to do this is to ask for examples of their constructions or similar past projects. By doing this you will be able to guess the talent of the coachmen they offer. Making a stone construction takes a lot of patience and effort and only a skilled person will be able to do that, so by seeing their work you will be able to guess their level of skill.

Courses Offered and Levels to Join

Most of the good websites that offer dry stone walling courses will have two types of courses. They are Walling courses and carving courses. Enrolling with a website that offers both these course types in one place would be a better choice; this is because in order to gain the proper construction skill one will have to master both techniques. It would be better to select your level as well. So, if you are really new to this walling procedure, just join up for the beginner level course and then advance from there.

Dates Offered and Payment Methods

Many stone mason training companies has their instructional programs held during various days of the week, but it would be better to select a company that offer training during weekends. Before you join check for the payment methods offered by the companies. Most of the companies will have payment options ranging from direct bank transfers or payments using visa or master cards, and certain methods have advantages over the others when it comes to fees. So, select the best option that has the lowest service charges.

The theme

Art of dry stone walling is a very old concept and to master it you should have proper training from a skilled trainer. As it has become popular again it will become a high demand job. To find a good training class you should try the above steps.


You will be able to master the art of dry stone walling if you select a good training website that has credentials and reviews. To become a master in the art you need to learn both carving and walling starting from beginner level. It would be great to join a company that offers weekend training and multiple payment options.